martedì 24 maggio 2016

Teaser Tuesday #107

Buon martedì, lettori! :)
Oggi è giorno di "Teaser Tuesday", rubrica ideata dal blog Should Be Reading. 
Di cosa si tratta?  Bisogna aprire una pagina a caso del libro che si sta leggendo e trascrivere un breve brano. Trovo che la rubrica sia molto simpatica, soprattutto perché spesso permette di farsi un'idea di un particolare libro o del modo di scrivere dell'autore.

It was a warm autumn day, the sort that can happen right into October. Gerta pushed her cloack back and put the muff in her pack.
The road surface was drier here, and walking was easier. Since she did not need to watch her feet, she looked around.
There was not a great deal of scenery. Trees marked the divisions between fields, and there was a blue band on the horizon that might be more trees. The fields were mown stubble and the weathered fences looked the same as weathered fences have looked since time immemorial.
The ditches were full of dried grasses, which rattled in the breeze.
A few fields had a single tall tree in the middle, but not many. Her grand-mother had said that such trees were sacred to Ukko, but perhaps no one cared that any longer.

Da "The raven and the reindeer" di T. Kingfisher

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